assembly prices


Whilst we strive to ensure our customers have the best service and product, our own courier company does not assemble items upon delivery.

Most of our items however do not require complicated assembly – mattresses, couches, tables and chairs.

For items which may require assembly – beds, bedroom furniture, storage items, we can provide details of various assembly companies within your location and their contact details. All areas in Ireland are covered and if you have a specific, remote location which you think may be problematic, please contact and we will advise you further.

Once our courier company delivers an item to your address, they will place the item inside the front door of your home. For insurance and personal safety reasons, our delivery staff cannot entertain requests to carry furniture up stairs or through the house. will not be held liable for any damage caused to your property or the contents of your home, whilst positioning the item inside the front door of your property. Our couriers will take care and responsibility in undertaking their duties but the customer should ensure that the entrance and area where the product is to be placed, are clear of any obstructions or fragile items which may be at risk of damage. Reasonable room for manoeuvre of the product is also required. All pathways to the location must be clear of picture frames / mirrors / lamps / lightshades and any other item which may impede the installation of the item.